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Our company offers a unique and comprehensive program of services 
for corporate clients involved in US-Israeli business ventures. 

Joint Venture



For American companies with operations in Israel and Israeli companies with ventures in the United States.
The Transmark Corporation provides strategic consulting, joint venture development, marketing and sales, business research, sourcing, and on site logistical support services. Transmark also offers a Cross Cultural business communications training program that includes seminars, coaching, facilitation and consulting services designed to prepare American businesspersons to successfully conduct business in Israel.

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Transmark, a US corporation maintaining an active presence in Israel has been providing its consulting services since its inception in 1991 and has amassed an unprecedented amount of experience on the intricacies, challenges and rewards of bilateral US-Israeli trade. Because of its active presence in both countries, Transmark is uniquely positioned to provide local consulting services and on-site support to both American and Israeli clients. In essence, Transmark’s bilateral operations create an informational as well as physical bridge on which US and Israeli businesses can rely when developing their mutual relationships.

Transmark’s consulting, business development, trade management, research, sourcing and cross cultural training services are all, in essence, derivatives of the company’s exceptional degree of specialization, familiarity and expertise with the many facets, peculiarities and prerequisites for developing successful commerce between American and Israeli companies. This comprehensive company profile describes the Transmark Corporation’s unique set of inter-related services that provide professional guidance and expert assistance for US and Israeli companies planning, or currently involved in, mutual business ventures.

Israel is a young country whose evolving multiethnic society, political system and economy have undergone unprecedented change in just a few decades. Emphasis on education, a robust military industrial complex and highly accelerated investment in infrastructure and technology, quickly transformed this minute country into an R&D and commercial powerhouse vital to global operations of numerous multinational corporations. Israel’s established stature as high-tech hotbed has dramatically increased the nation’s global business exposure, has increased its strategic importance as a potential gateway to the East and has transformed the country into an important destination for international business development ventures. The diversity, complexity and unique flavor of Israel’s population and culture are key contributors to the intricacies of doing business in that country. More than anywhere else, the Israeli business environment reflects, and is driven by, the history, geopolitics, ethnic diversity, economy and values of a people whose attributes are as composite and elaborate as their chronicles and legacy.

Even seasoned foreign businesspersons have difficulty grasping the sheer size, diversity and immense economy of the United States. Productivity, competition and capitalist mores driving an unrelenting passion for success and economic gain define a country that has, in a mere few hundred years, risen to dominate global culture and economy. The unspoken rules governing life and business in America, the challenges of understanding the forces conjuring mega-sized businesses, the prerequisites for financial success, and the pressures of accountability for the bottom line are all compounded by subtle cultural differences that nevertheless exist in a country as politically, socially and ethnically diverse as the United States. For businesspersons who are schooled and familiarized with Old World economics and culture, comprehending America’s complexities can be a daunting task. For foreign executives, no amount of non-linear, geographically detached interaction can replace the proficiencies gained from a continuous on-site presence and day to day immersion in the realities, burdens, and machinations of America’s hyper commercialized business environment. The resulting confusion, time and lost revenue spent by foreigners on learning how to, and consequently, implementing business ventures in America can be threatening factors to a foreign company’s performance.

We are here to help. For thirteen years our company, Transmark, has been developing cooperative ventures between American and Israeli businesses. Our principals have over twenty-five years experience in managing US-Israeli commercial relationships. It is that experience that drives the content and quality of the unique set of services we offer both American and Israeli companies seeking to do achieve successful bilateral business.

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