About the Transmark Corporation

A “boutique consultancy”.
Transmark, a D&B listed US Corporation, was established in 1991 as a consultancy specializing in trade and business development services for US and Israeli companies seeking to do business with each other. From its inception, Transmark has adhered to a “boutique consultancy” format in which a small group of highly experienced specialists provide exclusive, personalized and comprehensive service to a select group of clients.

Envisioning and strategizing the scope and substance of cooperative ventures.
Transmark’s core competency focuses on developing joint product development and marketing programs between American companies and their Israeli counterparts. Each one of the company’s projects over the past twenty years has involved identifying potential US-Israeli business partners from various industries and economic sectors that complement each other both on the technical and business levels. Beyond envisioning and strategizing the scope and substance of such cooperative ventures, Transmark’s numerous projects have always required extensive expertise and substantial effort in managing negotiation and contractual phases, facilitating day to day communicative interactions, and promoting team building processes between companies from different geographic, cultural and business backgrounds.

Identifying, understanding and fulfilling the rewards of global business initiatives involving Israel.
During the years of its operation, Transmark has amassed an extraordinary amount of valuable experience and insight on the intricacies of commerce between Israeli companies and their global partners and on the complexities of interactive processes occurring between foreign and Israeli corporate personnel. Each business and joint venture project has been a vehicle for identifying, understanding and documenting the rewards and challenges of global business initiatives involving Israel. Naturally, many of the factors critical to the successful partnering of American and Israeli companies are procedural issues related to the successful execution and fulfillment of mutual business objectives and the resolution of communicative and collaborative challenges evolving from limited understanding of the factors driving business culture and environment in the two countries.

Providing the tools, insight and practical assistance required to achieve excellent business outcomes in both countries.
It is in that context that Transmark has specialized in a core set of competencies that are absolute prerequisites for successful US-Israeli business partnering. Developed over the span of the company's twenty two year existence, Transmark's services are designed to address a comprehensive range of discrete elements that are critical to successful US-Israeli business partnering. Transmark's business development, commercial management, marketing strategy and cross cultural consulting solutions are finely tuned and carefully composed to provide both US and Israeli corporate clients with the tools, insight and practical assistance required to accelerate partnering processes and improve business outcomes in both countries.

in the “art and science” of developing business ventures between Israel and the United States. 
Transmark’s principals have over thirty-five years of combined experience in the “art and science” of developing business ventures between Israel and the United States . They individually oversee and perform all of the company’s operations in order to guarantee the most comprehensive service, unsurpassed quality and absolute professionalism attainable in a consulting practice. Having attained exceptional knowledge and experience, Transmark’s owners are also the company’s core service providers who faithfully adhere to a belief that outsourcing expertise dilutes quality. For this reason, Transmark’s owners also personally manage and administer the company's services so that years of accumulated knowledge, experience and insight are delivered via the most direct route to the company’s cross cultural program clients.

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