Business Development Services

Developing overseas business opportunities for both US and Israeli clients is Transmark's core competency. Whether the goals are to sell products, manufacture, transfer technology, provide services, seek investors or joint venture, Transmark's business development consulting services are based on an essential and fundamental series of processes which have proven to be invaluable for achieving excellent business development results. The main elements of Transmark's service can be itemized as follows:
  1. Study the Client's Product, Service or Technology
  2. Plan Process Timetables and Resources
  3. Conduct Comprehensive Research
  4. Choose the Business Strategy
  5. Develop the Implementation Methodology
  6. Execute the Business Development Process
  7. Facilitate & Negotiate Opportunities
  8. Generate the Result
  9. Manage the Post-Development Phase

Types of Transmark Business Development projects

Channel and Sales Infrastructure Development

Identification, selection, appointment and management of marketing and sales channel providers such as reps ad distributors as well as development of early fulfillment mechanisms such as public warehousing and third party distribution solutions. Development of early local sales and marketing subsidiary companies incorporated by the client to manage the sales and distribution processes in the offshore market. Assistance and support with advertising, promotion, regulatory, standards and certification requirements associated with the product or service being sold. Identification of industry experts and leading personalities in the market and the development of close relationships with such persons through which sales can be augmented and accelerated. Development of media coverage and online visibility to complement the channel-based marketing process.

Value Driven Joint Ventures

Transmark’s core business philosophy postulates that in order to successfully develop its offshore business objectives, a company must establish an active local presence in the foreign country. This can be achieved by either investing heavily in creating an overseas subsidiary or by teaming with an established local company based on shared commercial interests. The Transmark Corporation has developed the concept of Value Driven Commercial Relationships (VDCR’s) through which it matches Israeli and US companies in teaming arrangements that provide added commercial, financial and strategic value to each party.

Transmark’s Value Driven Commercial Relationship (VDCR) concept is based on the assumption that in order to succeed, a company in one country must provide its global partner with technologies services or products that substantially improve the foreign counterpart’s commercial positioning and competitive ability. In such an arrangement the company develops its offshore business objectives by allowing its overseas partner to grow, prosper and increase profitability.

Resource & Technology Transfer Joint Ventures

A process by which the Transmark Corporation arranges the transfer of proprietary knowledge and/or manufacturing equipment between American and Israeli partners who, in turn, manufacture and market the product and/or technology in either country. In such an arrangement one company obtains a commercial foothold in the overseas market and is compensated through royalty or profit sharing arrangements. The overseas company grows, increases sales, improves competitiveness and strengthens its commercial presence by expanding its product line or technological base.

Piggyback Marketing Joint Ventures

A process by which the Transmark Corporation identifies a US business entity that expresses an interest in marketing an Israeli product and/or technology in order to complement its existing product line. The Israeli company obtains a commercial foothold in the US and is compensated through sales to its US affiliate. The US company increases sales, improves competitiveness and strengthens its commercial presence by offering its customers a wider and more comprehensive range of closely related products.