Facilitation Services


The Transmark Corporation has facilitated numerous US-Israeli business ventures since its inception in 1991. Almost every global business venture that the company has managed invariably included an extensive degree of communicative, cross-cultural and operational facilitation.


Transmark’s principals have more than thirty years of combined experience in the art of managing day-to-day interactions between American businesspersons and their Israeli counterparts. Experience has shown that dedicated facilitation and resolution of communicative and culture generated challenges can be critical to the success of global ventures. Consultative intervention by an experienced facilitator who is intimately familiar with the foreign business environment and its unique cultural mindset, can effectively avert impediments, reduce obstacles and improve overseas business outcomes.



Transmark's Facilitation program is an “In-Process” version of our business consulting programs integrated with cross-cultural knowledge elements and personalized coaching services. Whereas consulting and coaching are typically more academic venues, our Facilitation program offers clients an opportunity to acquire real time coaching, insight, challenge analysis, and solution strategies for issues that arise while they are actively engaged in business processes either in Israel or in the US. Clients can leverage Transmark’s extensive experience and familiarity with business practices and cultures in both countries to either resolve complications, decode behavior and positions, or simply solicit advice on implementing the most constructive strategies for achieving business harmony and results.

Facilitation services can be provided in person and on-site or can be delivered via phone or email and can include:

    1. Coaching, analysis and support services during negotiations.
    2. Advice and support with language and communicative processes.
    3. Support in understanding and deciphering foreign business conduct.
    4. Tuning real time strategy adjustments occurring during the business process.
    5. Suggesting real time, case specific methodologies for motivating business partners.
    6. Support in developing team-building initiatives.
    7. Assistance with conflict evasion issues.