The Doing Business in Israel Handbook


Every participant in Transmark’s cross cultural business program receives our copyrighted “Doing Business in Israel” Guidebook.

This one hundred page practical manual includes comprehensive information supported by illuminating diagrams, tables, exercises and case studies. Key information is marked for added emphasis. The guidebook serves as a manuscript for both Seminar and Coaching versions of the Doing Business in Israel program and has proven to be of great value to participants as a reference tool after completion of preparatory training and while conducting business on site in Israel.


A sampling of Doing Business in Israel guidebook subjects:


  • Roots of Israeli Culture

  • Profile of the Israeli Mindset

  • Structure of Israel’s Economy and Business Environment

  • Analysis of Israeli Business Culture and Practice

  • Communicating with Israeli Businesspeople

  • Negotiating with Israelis

  • Motivating and evading conflict

  • Facilitating teamwork across cultures

  • Deciphering unspoken rules and positions

  • Selling or procuring in Israel

The Guidebook can be customized to reflect emphasis placed on specific subjects and is presented in notebook format allowing participants to insert notes, exercise pages and other printed information supplied during seminars and coaching sessions. Maps, travel, shopping, and tourism information as well as other country-specific data can also be included at the customer’s discretion.