Beyond developing business ventures for its Israeli and American clients, Transmark also manages, monitors and supports the transactions that evolve as result of the business relationships it develops.


Transmark is highly experienced in managing the many aspects of international business arrangements and its experience uniquely equips it to provide an array of high quality logistics solutions within the local business environments in which either Israeli or American companies operate. Transmark’s on-site logistics and customer support services in both countries are designed to serve as a dynamic link between companies separated by disparate geographies and are vehicles for supplying high quality on-site services that effectively eliminate the distance factor between a company in one continent and its customers in another.


Transmark’s logistics consulting solutions are designed to enhance, improve or expand ongoing distribution operations on both operational and cost efficacy levels. As all logistics executives know, that requires analyzing current operations and proposing solutions in three critical logistics components: SKU management, labor management, and facility management.

  • SKU & Inventory Management: freight scheduling, inventory replenishment, gaining real-time visibility of inventory levels, what’s coming in, what’s going out, what’s on-hand, where it’s located, and SKU velocity. Transmark can provide solutions for all of these inventory parameters as a critical substrate to maintaining robust customer satisfaction and retention, customer base expansion, and increased profitability. 

  • Labor Management: Assistance with local labor expense management, labor optimization, labor productivity, and labor standards monitoring. Providing solutions for higher productivity, good labor relations, and worker satisfaction as a methodology for reducing warehouse operating costs. 

  • Facility Management: Assistance with local 3PL providers and tracking support, physical capacity, optimum space utilization, and cost of building/leasing/maintenance analyses. Reducing excessive and unnecessary cost through improper or inefficient use of space.


In addition to the above generalized set of solutions, Transmark provides local support services in areas such as:


  • Shipping & Forwarding Monitoring and Onsite Solution
  • Customs Entry Expertise
  • Testing & Certification Support such as UL and FM approvals
  • Banking & Local Financial Management Solutions
  • Retail Product Placement Management and Monitoring
  • Drop Shipment and 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) Management
  • Advertising and Promotions Support
  • Accounts Receivables Facilitation & Management
  • Legal and Accounting Liaison & Management
  • Logistics Cost Management
  • Travel Resources and Consulting
  • Logistics Technology Consulting