Our Management

Gad Cohen, M.D.

Founder & CEO

A Highest Honors graduate of Rutgers University and the Sackler School of Medicine in Tel-Aviv, Dr. Gad Cohen is a licensed Israeli physician and Chairman of the Transmark Corporation in the United States. A third generation Israeli born in Jerusalem, Gad lived for many years and received much of his elementary, secondary and college education in the United States. Dr. Cohen was a pioneer in the Israeli medical informatics industry and one of the earliest physicians to found a high tech company devoted to developing computerized medical record systems. After successfully selling his Israeli-based business venture to the Bell Atlantic Healthcare Systems Company, Dr. Cohen leveraged both his business experience and cross cultural background to establish a US consultancy that would provide unique services for developing strong commercial relationships between Israeli and US companies.

Ofra Davidov Cohen

Founder & President

A High Honors graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Business Economics, Ms. Cohen’s responsibilities include the planning, implementation and management of Transmark’s joint venture development programs, marketing and trade propagation projects, and business consulting services specifically focused on the logistics of commerce between the United States and Israel. Born in Israel and educated in France, Argentina, Congo and the US, Ofra served for five years as the Chief Financial Officer for the export division of IMI, Israel’s largest industrial conglomerate. In 1985, Ms. Cohen became Executive Vice President for that company’s US division, IMI USA, and assumed responsibility for all US business and joint venture development projects. During her six-year tenure at IMI USA, Ms. Cohen developed business relationships with the top managements of some of America’s largest multinational corporations including Rockwell-Martin, Teledyne, and General Dynamics and proceeded to become one of the top Israeli specialists on global trade development issues.


Rona Wall

Executive Vice President and Director of Transmark’s US Operations


Anate Resheffe

Vice President and Director of Transmark’s  Israel Operations

A graduate of Tel-Aviv University’s prestigious Recanati School of Business, Ms. Resheffe  served for over twenty-five years as a senior executive at a  leading Israeli Travel Management company where she oversaw the development of numerous global tourism and conference development ventures.  Ms. Resheffe grew up and received her primary education in many countries, is fluent in English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, and German, and is an accomplished expert on global travel and culture.  As a senior conference management executive, Anate acquired extensive expertise on international project management initiatives and communications with global business and academic leaders with whom she frequently worked to develop international meeting venues. At Transmark, Ms. Resheffe is responsible for managing the company’s various Israeli based projects, planning US-Israeli business meetings and facilitating business communications between various partnered US and Israeli companies.  She also manages logistics for US executives traveling to Israel.