Relocation Services


For US corporate employees traveling to Israel or for Israeli executives traveling to the US, Transmark offers a comprehensive pre-departure “Living in the US/Israel” workshop designed to significantly reduce the extent of culture shock, disorientation and anxiety associated with relocation to a new, foreign and largely unfamiliar environment. Beyond preparatory coaching, Transmark can supply information crucial to the “settling in” process of an executive and his family. Tips, guidance, and assistance provided by Transmark on issues directly related to the naturalization period in Israel or the US, can facilitate the relocation process by freeing the transferee from burdens associated with logistical arrangements and enabling him to begin his business assignment without excess delay.


For family members accompanying employees overseas, Transmark’s training can be an especially valuable resource for improving the family’s ability to adjust to, and live in the foreign  environment.


Here are some of the subjects that can be covered by a customized Transmark intercultural “Living in Israel” or "Living in America" Training Program:

  1. Contemporary country history, geography and demography
  2. The personality, psychology and lifestyles of Israelis or Americans
  3. Family life In both countries
  4. Education and personal achievement in both countries
  5. Work and leisure in both countries
  6. Religion, traditions, and customs in Israeli or American society
  7. Values, manners, and social behavior in both countries
  8. Language and communicative behavior in the US and Israel
  9. Israeli and American politics- agendas, policies, platforms and popular democracy
  10. America, Americans, and the American way of life - A view from the Israeli perspective and vice versa

The “Living in Israel/Living in America” preparatory program can be augmented by an on-site (in Israel or in the US) orientation period beginning upon arrival at the airport and including an initial introduction to the physical and cultural surroundings in which the executive and his family will live and work. Transmark’s coaches can shorten the critical tuning period and streamline a family’s adjustment by accompanying and facilitating some of the early organizational, bureaucratic and lifestyle tasks associated with arrival in either the US or Israel.


Typical In-Country logistical support and facilitation services can include: 

    • Airport Reception
    • Transportation Arrangements
    • Initial Hotel Accommodations
    • Preliminary Physical Orientation
    • Finding A Residence
    • Selecting Day Care & Schools
    • Obtaining Healthcare Services
    • Opening A Bank Account
    • Purchasing An Automobile
    • Applying For A Drivers License
    • Identifying Entertainment, Shopping, Leisure & Sports services

Last but not least, the Transmark Corporation is affiliated or cooperates closely with leading business, financial, consulting and professional service providers in both countries.  Transmark is therefore exceptionally positioned to provide guidance on, and references to providers such as:

    • Legal Firms
    • Banking, Accounting And Financial Experts
    • Advertising Agencies
    • Television, Radio and Printed Media Providers
    • Human Resource Specialists
    • Government, Legislative and Regulatory Specialists
    • Private & Commercial Real Estate Agencies
    • Political and Public Relations Consultants

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