Sourcing Solutions

Transmark’s extensive experience and insight concerning the complexities and prerequisites for marketing Israeli products in the US, and vice versa, has positioned the company as an ideal solutions provider for American and Israeli firms sourcing products and technologies in both countries.

Transmark’s sourcing and product identification services are designed and personally administered by company officers who are Israeli nationals with professional experience on both the commercial aspects and the “do’s and don'ts” of doing business in Israel and in the United States. The company’s extensive familiarity with the industrial infrastructures in the two countries allows it to quickly identify products for American companies sourcing in Israel and for Israeli organizations sourcing in the United States. Transmark's sourcing solutions insure the competitiveness, quality and integrity of the sourced products as well as the technological capability of their prospective manufacturers.

Transmark's Sourcing Solutions in both Israel and the US include but are not limited to:
  1. Identification and screening of products according to a company’s sourcing guidelines in terms of suitability, price, quality and other parameters specified by the potential purchasing party.
  2. Research services designed to provide the purchasing party with details about the prospective manufacturer including technical capabilities and reputation.
  3. Passive and/or active assistance before, during and after negotiations with the supplying company or manufacturer and continuing services to monitor the execution and fulfillment of purchasing agreements.
  4. On site support services including assistance with technical issues such as scheduling production, labeling, packaging, and shipping.
  5. On site quality maintenance and production integrity services.

In addition to supervising the Sourcing process, Transmark provides companies with pre-sourcing product surveys that are designed to identify the availability of suitable sourced product candidates. Pre-sourcing product identification surveys typically involve six phases:

Phase One

Product definition and purchasing specifications are provided to Transmark by the company planning to source in either Israel or the United States.

Phase Two

Transmark surveys potential supplier companies to either identify their existing products or establish their ability to manufacture such products for the sourcing client.

Phase Three

Prospective manufacturers are screened by Transmark to establish their ability to fulfill orders from sourcing companies in terms of competitiveness, quality, capacity, export experience and appropriate technology.

Phase Four

Transmark obtains samples and pricing information on behalf of the sourcing company.

Phase Five

Samples and pricing information reviewed by sourcing company.

Phase Six

Transmark may either negotiate the purchase on behalf of the sourcing company or assist in direct negotiations between the company and its prospective supplier.