Strategic Consulting

Transmark offers companies in Israel and in the United States a comprehensive set of business consulting services designed to define, develop and grow their US-Israeli operations. Transmark’s consulting program begins by analyzing the management, products, technological infrastructure, manufacturing capabilities and commercial history of companies operating within the US-Israeli business interface. Results from this analysis are integrated and reconciled with marketing and new product development plans in a process designed to help the company define its business objectives and operations in the foreign environment.

Based on a careful analysis of the client company and based on its commercial objectives, Transmark leverages extensive business development and marketing experience to propose strategies through which that company can realize a successful US or Israeli presence.

Beyond analyzing the client company, beyond helping it define business objectives and beyond proposing strategies by which these objectives can be realized, Transmark assists in planning methodologies for implementing the proposed strategies and transforming the company’s objectives into measurable commercial and financial success whether the client is a US business operating in Israel or an Israeli company venturing in America.

Our Strategic Business consulting solutions range from startup plans to helping mature businesses prepare for their next phase of growth. Some core examples of solutions we offer:

Business Operations Analysis

Documenting and analyzing company philosophy and value statement, product or service suitability for overseas introduction, product or service merits and success levels, product costing, management issues, quality systems, new product introduction systems, factory and production line layout and production capabilities, process development, inventory management, production planning, people management systems, business performance metrics.

Business Plan Development

Developing a blueprint for a successful overseas business enterprise and a vision that illuminates the company's strategic direction. A comprehensive business plan can guide the company's management through the various business development phases and can allow key players to effectively communicate the company's direction to associates . An excellent business plan provides a measured and coherent framework within which a company can develop and pursue its strategies over the span of up to five years.

Marketing Program Development

Researching, documenting and presenting a program that addresses what products and/or services will be sold to which market segments and to what type of customers, how will these products be sold, at what price and where, as well as how the products will be advertised and promoted and how will they contend with competitor offerings.

Internet Exposure Development

Building a plan for increasing, enhancing and improving a client's online image and electronic footprint through work with content designers and search engine optimizing specialists as well as developing and augmenting the company's ability to implement online CRM, payments, and operational logistics. Assisting the client to visualize and realize its internet potential and to mine its online opportunities as a revenue generating methodology.

Implementation Plan Development

Generating a carefully researched and documented roadmap for implementing the various phases of the company's overseas business initiative based on project planning principles that define the resources, timetables, and tasks required to achieve consecutive process goals so that the company's management can clearly observe the physical evolution of the initiative in tangible and measurable results.