Our Value Proposition

  • We provide services that reflect and provide the knowledge gained from over 25 years experience in developing and managing global trade and business development projects between US and Israeli companies.
  • We provide services that represent a full range of knowledge and tools for planning, executing, managing and growing bilateral business in the US and Israel. A total solution, all under one roof, from which individual services can be derived according to the client's specific business requirements.

  • We provide services that provide the duality of professional consulting expertise to both American companies venturing into Israel or Israeli firms venturing in the US .
  • We provide services that are based on extraordinary professional standards, quality execution and delivery, precise information and attention to detail.
  • We provide services that are highly customized to fulfill the unique requirements and business objectives of both US and Israeli companies doing business with each other.
  • We provide services that are available as either discrete one-time projects or comprehensive multi phase consulting, research and implementation processes.

We provide services that represent hands-on, case specific, practical, well documented and time-tested advice for insuring success in bilateral US-Israeli commerce, trade and business development.
  • We provide services that deliver global business skills development and practical “Doing Business in Country” expertise.
  • We provide services that are complemented by comprehensive dissertations and reports that fully document and support the knowledge delivered to clients.
  • We provide services that are complemented by a copyrighted one hundred page, to the point, customizable Guidebook that both analyzes and explains Israeli business culture and provides solid intercultural business advice and solutions.
  • We provide services that reflect cross cultural and global business management expertise.
  • We provide services that include customized compilations of case specific BizTipssm tailored to a client's unique business affairs in either Israel or the United States.
  • We provide services that are augmented by integrated phone or email consultation assistance.
  • We provide services that are competitively priced.